Vita-Drench Detox

Project18Experience the deepest clean possible: the Vita-Drench Detox.

This exclusive process developed by Gym Spa Medical delivers a deep purge, leaving the skin clean and purges of toxins, oils, blackheads, and make up residue. First you’ll start with a natural aromatherapy steaming facial to open the pores. Then we use our exclusive Vita-Drench system to infuse pressurized distilled water infused with selected vitamins.

The pressurized flow purges the skin deeper than other aesthetic procedures. The Vita-Drench system employs a high-powered suction to collect the discharged vitamin water along with the purged waste. At the end of the procedure, you’re skin will feel hydrated, soft and plump. At the end of the procedure, you can see everything that was purged from your skin.

+ Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vita-Drench able to be done on all skin types?

Yes. Because this is not a harsh process involving abrasion or chemicals, it is safe to use for all skin types.

What vitamin-infusions are available?

Depending on your individual needs, a specific infusion will be tailored for you. The system can also be done without vitamins as well.

What is the after-care for the Vita-Drench?

You can go back immediately to your normal routine. There is no down-time.