PRP Hair Growth

RPRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy is highly effective in both men and women for helping to regrow hair in areas of thinning and active hair loss. PRP utilizes your body’s own growth factors to help rejuvenate hair regrowth without the use of medications or chemicals. Results can be seen even after one treatment.

PRP can be used as a stand-alone hair loss treatment or as a complimentary procedure to other hair loss treatments. To maximize the treatment of hair loss, we recommend coupling PRP with medications (minoxidil based Formula 82M or Finasteride Plus) and Laser Hair Regrowth therapy.

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+ The Office Procedure

A PRP session, which takes place in our office, takes no more than one hour and you can continue with your daily activities with minimal limitations afterwards.We start by placing a topical anesthetic on the scalp, then remove your own blood which is centrifuged to obtain the platelet and growth-factor rich layer which is then introduced into the areas of the scalp demonstrating hairloss and thinning.