lattiseLash Lengthening & Thickening

Latisse® is a prescription treatment used to grow lashes. Latisse is believed to prolong the growth phase of the four eyelash growth cycles, resulting in longer, thicker, darker lashes. The treatment process is simple. Apply Latisse solution nightly directly along the lash line on the top eyelid. While time frames may vary per individual, most experience significant increase in overall eyelash prominence over a 12-16 week period.

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+ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Latisse Safe?

If you have eye pressure problems (glaucoma) or other eye sensitivities or allergies, you may want to consult with your optometrist before using Latisse.

Will it change my eye color?

Initially this medication was used by applying to the eye itself to relieve ocular pressure and in some of these patients it was noted that the iris could darken in color. Since the medication used in the form of Latisse is NOT applied to the eye, chances of iris darkening are minimal.

What happens if I stop using Latisse?

Gradually, over time, your eyelashes will return to how they were prior to starting Latisse treatments.

Can I use Latisse if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, but you must remove your contact lenses during the application process.