PRP Rejuvenation

PRPPRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facial rejuvenation has been a secret of many celebrities used to maintain a youthful look. It works to actually reverse the effects of aging and to actually restore you to a more youthful version of yourself. Results are never artificial since this procedure requires no chemicals, no surgery, and, in fact, is a completely natural process.

PRP injections use the power of your body’s own growth factors found in platelets to stimulate the body into producing collagen and repairing it’s own tissue. PRP therapy is the most potent natural-based skin rejuvenation treatment. PRP treatments provide overall rejuvenation by improving the quality of the skin and restoring volume to wrinkles and fine lines. It helps repair scarring, rough skin, and discoloration.  One of the most stunning results of a PRP treatment is that the skin develops a healthy, luminous glow. Results continue to improve over months and are not temporary. It is easy to see why Gym Spa Medical has worked so hard to become a leader in PRP Rejuvenation, because we believe this is the closest thing to actually becoming younger.

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+ Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a facial platelet rich plasma treatment?

Facial platelet rich plasma treatments are in-office procedures that take just about an hour to complete from start to finish. Your blood will be drawn and the platelets extracted using a centrifuge. Using a very tiny needle, the injection site on your face will be numbed and the platelets injected beneath the skin.

What types of results should I expect from this facial?

Results vary from patient to patient and are never guaranteed. However, many people who undergo platelet-rich plasma injections find that their skin is brighter, smoother, tighter and more rejuvenated soon after the treatment. The process works to improve wrinkles and diminish fine lines. Results typically continue to improve over the course of several weeks and do not fade.